So You Think You’re Crafty – A Virtual Sewing Bee (Kinda)

So, one of the reasons behind the quiet is that for the last few days I have been beavering away for my audition piece for ‘So You Think You’re Crafty’. Its like a virtual Great British Sewing Bee except the entries are not limited to fabric or sewing *gulp* that leaves a lot of options! It is hosted by the lovely Missy. She explains the whole process if you click here.


I’ll give you all a heads up when the voting is open for the audition finalists. Its a blind voting process so I have to keep schtum about my entry until the results are revealed and I know whether I made the cut. Eeek and eeep! Its exciting. My head is swarming with ideas and a little dose of panic as this competition is heavy! Past seasons have shown extraordinary creative skills so I know it will be a tough ride. I’d love to make it to the top 3 so I’m ploughing all my energy and waking hours (once the minou is in bed) into drafting, planning and creating. Phew.



Wish me lots of crafting skill!

naomi x

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