Paralysis of Too Many Projects (and why there is a photo of the Made in Chelsea crew on this blog)

I have too many projects on the go and I feel overwhelmed. I’ve lost my mojo somewhere. This is my first proper creative dearth after nearly 7 months of starting my little blog when I committed to making one crafty project a week.

I currently have a house to tidy, holiday bags to pack (which should be fun but I find stressful) and a heap of crafty projects I want to complete. However, these last couple of weeks I’ve sat down and watched trash TV. Absolute trash TV. Maybe everyone needs to do that once in a while but I feel my creative voice shrieking and melting inside (Wizard of Oz style) as I hit play on ‘Made in Chelsea’ yet again. It is all wrong. The balance is askew.


Part of the problem is having too many half-completed projects. I’m lost and don’t know where to start. How have you got through these creative dry patches? I’ve Pin’ed like never before, I’ve devoured my crafty magazine, I’ve made copious mugs of coffee and sat mulling like an “arteeeeist” but alas de nada. Just my brain calling for ‘Made in Chelsea’ and ‘Eurovision’. So I have succumbed. The worst thing about this is that I actually feel guilty! I feel like I’m doing myself a wrong by not crafting. It has become such a part of life in the last half year and has been so good for my sense of wellbeing. What a tangle. And it’s not even a tangle of yarn.

So, dear crafty friends or blogging lovelies, at the end of this week I’m packing up my sewing machine, computer and paint brushes and heading away for a few days. After a good dose of more trash TV with my brother, a couple of baked white blooomer loaves and a few lie-ins (I know!! I’m excited about that!) I’m going to jump back on the crafty bandwagon. (I have a scotch pancake recipe that needs some air time and I promise to share it soon-seriously it will revolutionise your Sunday breakfasts). And finally, with almost perfect timing the audition pieces at So You Think You’re Crafty are now up and online ready for you to vote (so hopefully I will have the jump-start I need *peeking through my hands at the results next week*).

So to rev me up and get me back in the crafty mode my list of projects to start and/or finish are:

* Bag for a friend

* Bag for my maman

* 2 quilts

* Spring dress for the minou

* Bunting

* T-shirts

* Cushions

* Sofa Cover

and that’s just the sewing!

Please, please, please do have a little look at all the amazing audition pieces here. I love the diversity of this competition. So many crafts, different styles, different mediums. Perfect in fact for inspiration and awe. And please, please, please cast your votes!


And finally what’s a post without another somewhat random photo. Plus everyone has time for Maggie Smith, Downton and a meme huh..




Send me your crafty vibes crafters and your de-craft-funk fixes

naomi x

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