DIY Bathroom Makeover!

To start off my holiday I got stuck into some good old fashioned DIY. I got grout under my finger nails, paint in my hair and fumes in my lungs. All good. Except the fumes bit.
Over the past year the bathroom suffered several leaks. You know the ones that drip through the ceiling and onto your favourite crafting books downstairs. Sad times. After 4 leaking incidents and 3 plumber visits later all was fixed. The bathroom floor however was a different matter. The previous owners had left me with cork tiling (thanks for that) which with the numerous leaks had caused each one to slowly peel off the floor.
Finally, I could leave it no longer. The bathroom needed some TLC.

Bathroom Make Over 1

See, it was bad. Really bad.

So the other afternoon my maman came down and we took to slowly removing each glued tile.

Bathroom Make Over 2

We then set about laying the new lino. This involved me straddling the toilet in various positions and squishing in the cupboard:

Bathroom Make Over 3

My uncle (who provided said lino) is a carpet fitter and would have had this down in minutes with a swift swipe of the stanely knife. I however, do not possess these skills and I certainly don’t have the confidence. So, as I’ve said before work to your skill set. There I am in the middle photo making a toilet pattern with a seam allowance. No joke. My maman and I actually had conversations using the terms: quarter-inch seam allowance, pattern, self-heal cutting mat.

Several hours later, after much cutting, jigging and exclamations of WOW! It was finished. There were some wrestles with the bath panel, shouts at the cupboard space and constant warnings to keep fingers (and toes) out of reach of the stanley knife. Finally all was complete.


Bathroom Make Over 4

And here’s a little photo to proudly show off our mad cutting skills:

Bathroom Make OVer 5

We went on to re-grout and jazz up the gorgeous *cough* 1990’s tiles so I will post that DIY soon. I am amazed how a little bit of paint can really transform the look of a space. So if you have a lovely 1990’s bathroom in need of a frugal *re-fit* check back in.


This is what Bank Holidays are made for.

naomi x

2 thoughts on “DIY Bathroom Makeover!

  1. judithkingston

    Beautifully done! And why shouldn’t you use dressmaking skills to dress your bathroom?!? It worked!


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