Explorer Maps

Ever since we had an explorer’s day at home where we sailed choppy, crocodile infested waters; dug for gold treasures on sandy beaches; rescued each other from dark and gloomy caves; making maps has become a favourite activity. In fact if you rummage through my Minou’s toy boxes the faint scent of coffee will escape from the many ‘weathered’ scrolls.

This activity is best started with a ‘lounge picnic’ to fill stomaches ready for hardy adventures. Throw out a table cloth on the floor and enjoy your feasts.

You can then craft your map to lead you to hidden terrors and delights. Just soak a teabag in some diluted instant coffee and spread liberally over your paper or card stock.  Whilst your map dries heighten your littlies’ anticipation with “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt’ to get you all in the explorers’ mindset:

We're GOing on a Bear Hunt


You can even listen to Michael Rosen read it to you: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt (his facial expressions are wonderful!)

I’ve learnt with time (and disaster) to burn the edges with a match BEFORE your littlie devotedly draws precious images. Believe me you don’t want to see their face as you burn their drawing to a crisp when the authentic burnt edging gets out of hand. So post-burn, elaborate your map with crocodiles, dangerous waters, spikey trees and dark caves with big red bears. :

Treasure Map How to

We now have an explorers rucksack filled with essential kit: magnifying glass; rope; compass; keys; crocodiles; treasure; pots to fill with unidentified species; and of course maps! It comes along on each adventure and sometimes even when we walk her dolly’s pram outside because YOU NEVER KNOW when a crocodile may appear in London.

Have fun and go explore!

naomi x

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