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Beach Time Tip (no sand in these sandwiches)

Having spent a week by the coast you can guess where we were each day…Yep, down at the beach either strolling back from the pier or making up games in the sand. We built sail boats, we made fabric flags, we played hide and seek with playmobil characters (and couldn’t seek one little figure out in all that sand, sad moment quickly rectified by assuring my littlie that it will make another child’s day when they dig it up).

One trick I have learnt, passed on to me by my maman, is an easy way of getting sand off your body parts. Yes, you can shower (but not on the beach when you’re ready to devour your sandwiches). Yes, you could give yourself a brisk exfoliation (but my 3 year old loudly objects to that approach). So that leaves you with dusting powder aka talc (without the nasties).

Talc tip

Dust your sandy limbs and rub. The sand comes off without so much as a yelp. Sand free to enjoy your picnic or to get back into the car without having to endure small sand dunes at your feet. Can I hear a Yay! and Woop!

naomi x

Quilted Love

Quilt Architextures

A few months ago a friend and I had a day trip to Tikki in Kew. Oh my. I was in fabric heaven. Whilst there I picked out some of the beautiful Architextures line by Caroline Friedlander made by Robert Kaufman. This fabric had just come out at the time so I was thrilled to find it. A friend of mine had just given birth to a darling boy whose father is actually an architect! It was perfect.

Those of you who follow on instagram (fiftytwocreate) will have seen the photographic progress over the following months.

Quilting Collage Architextures

It went pretty quickly and smoothly until I got to the binding. I halted. I didn’t want to hand sew. My hand stitching is slow, uneven and ugly which equals to a miserable time for all. After a chat with my quilting friend she showed me how to sew it by machine. To top it off, that weekend I was treated to a surprise trip to see Kaffe Fassett‘s exhibition. He is amazing. I was reved up and so inspired that I came home,  sat down and with the quiet buzz of the sewing machine I finished that quilt that very same evening. Now the gift has been gifted I feel I can share it here.

Quilt Front Architextures

So there it is in all its wonky glory!

Happy quilting friends

naomi x

The Diptych Project – Featured moi! & an unexpected win over at SYTYC! (A good day!)

Before I head out to the Britmums conference a quick update:

I was featured in the Diptch Project this week – exciting and an honour! So go check it out here

The Diptych Project

The Diptych Project

and I woke up to a lovely, lovely email telling me that I came first in the Upcycle challenge over at So You Think You’re Crafty competition. Blog post and tutorial to follow…

Upcycle Dress

I was SO shocked. It was a tight win as this week the entries were AMAZING.


Do check out my personal favourites:

Jessica at Cutesy Crafts

Haley at Welcome to the Mouse House


What a lovely day

naomi x


Oreo Cookie Lollipop (could have looked cute if it weren’t for the huge FAIL)


Oreo lollipop Fail

My maman gave me this idea and it sounded delicious. I have never understood the big deal about Oreos. That is clearly because I had never eaten one. I ate so many at my maman’s that I had to find myself a dealer seller of these delights as they are not as readily available as I’m guessing they are in the States. Finally I tracked down a shop that sold minature ones. As I had eaten all the big variety I was just left with these to make my lollipops. So. Let me start by saying – don’t by the small variety because a) you will still be left with an insatiable desire for more and b) and perhaps most importantly they are too small for this task and make it fail. Big time.


Oreo lollipop fail 1


Oreo lollipop fail 2

In short. The biscuits didn’t hold together. The chocolate got everywhere. The centre melted. It was so slippy I couldn’t even take a darn photo of it held up.

I may try these again. may. but not in a hurry.

If you want to see how its really done head over to Easy Baked.


I’m off to BritMums today! My first blog conference. Eeeek. Exciting!

naomi x


SYTYC Week 1 – Paint Tutorial. Shell Jewellery

For the paint challenge over at So You Think You’re Crafty I wanted to create a fun paint project that people could also make for themselves at home so I decided to transform pebbles and shells into wearable jewellery.

I am in love with corals, mint and navy for this summer’s wardrobe. You may have your own favourite colour combinations. Decide on your colour scheme and rummage through your nail polish collection to find ones that match:


Mid morning, coffee mug in hand, wander down your garden path and collect small pebbles or get those shoes off and go shell collecting at the beach. Stand back and admire your wares before cleaning to rid them of any soil and sand.

Craft shops sell ring fittings and badge fasteners. I went to two small craft shops in a little town and both stocked a couple of types so I’m hoping it will be easy for you to find them too.

Set about painting your pebbles and shells with your nail polish. Some may need a second coat. I painted the jewellery fittings so that they blended in. The great thing about nail polish is that the brushes are the perfect size for such small items and it leaves a beautiful enamel gloss finish. Plus at the end you can also paint your nails to match!

Paint collage 3

Once dry superglue the pebbles and shells to your fittings. I used a standard all-purpose superglue which if left untouched for an hour or so bonded them perfectly (don’t be impatient like me and try them on after 5 minutes and then nearly glue your fingers together as you grab the falling shell!). To finish you can coat your shell or pebble in a clear polish to avoid any chipping.

Finally, accessorise your favourite outfit with your fun, unique piece of jewellery:

Shell Final - Paint

The world is your oyster *cringe* (sorry. Couldn’t resist!)


Don’t forget to head over to SYTYC and vote for this week’s challenge ‘Upcycle’.


naomi x