Darling Dresses

As the warm weather settled it was time to do our spring shopping of sandals, sun lotion and sun hats. As we walked through John Lewis I couldn’t help but stop. They have so many darling dresses. 


The first one I spotted was this ultra sweet halterneck  I’m not so keen on the large white buttons as they seem too distracting from the neck line. But oh, that print and the halterneck! Personally I’d prefer a little knot of tied straps instead of buttons to secure the dress.



I then spotted the Joules Camilla dress. Ah, love the daintiness and then the hefty, boxy pockets!



I’ve been feeling mixed about Liberty’s new fabric line but when I saw this frock I fell in love. The collar just makes this dress what it is. 


and finally, the Chambray dress. It is just above the knee but I think a tiny bit longer would suit the simplicity and elegance…That lace detail!



I have a little holiday coming up so posts may be sparse…I’ll be knee deep in fabric making dresses!


naomi x

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