Insomnia = Sewing a Sofa Cover

One night I finally turned out the light at 1am knowing my daughter would wake in 6 hours time. As I lay there my mind floated to the lounge I had just been rearranging. Again. I found the perfect place for my sewing machine and set about making it a tiny sewing haven. For some reason in the recesses of my mind I thought about the cheap IKEA curtain liners I had kept hold of for 6 years (yes, 6 years. Once a hoarder, always a hoarder). My mind started visualising my lounge and this IKEA fabric and bingo ~ sofa cover!

Sewing a Sofa Cover

I began wrestling the pattern and dimensions in my head and then forced myself to shut down and sleep. Fast forward to the following evening and I tried to recreate my visualised pattern! I got it half done and I made one mistake which is not too obvious. Most of all, its so fun and very satisfying. Once you get the basics the sewing world really is your oyster. Go for it! Make that thing that’s been on your mind.

Sewing a Sofa cover 1

The next night I finished my sofa cover. Can I hear a “yeehaa”! It actually only took 5 hours from thinking about the pattern to finishing the last stitch. As I said previously I used cheap IKEA curtain liners so it looks a little like a drop sheet. It’s given me the confidence to eventually buy some nice fabric. I would alter certain parts of the sewing design were I to do it again. There were only 5 stages so it was really quite straightforward. Have you ever made a sofa cover? My mind is now going wild with fabric ideas and fun prints.

Sewing a Sofa Cover Complete

Right I’m trying for a bedtime this side of today…and I still have laundry and food to put away! I think I’ll be grabbing my frozen coffee icecubes to throw into my thermos tomorrow as I dash out of the door in a mad rush.

Sleep tight and dream of patterns.

naomi x

6 thoughts on “Insomnia = Sewing a Sofa Cover

  1. judithkingston

    Frozen coffee ice cubes, now there’s a thought… 🙂 Love the sofa cover! If you can do that you can do anything!

  2. edenatticus

    I was all ready to make you ‘my new best friend’ for being so nice on my blog. Then I read this. You made a sofa cover?! Wow. I am not sure I could sew a hankie. I’m looking forward to the crazy print fabrics next 🙂


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