“Sewing Flags”

Sewing Flags


We’ve recently had some time away. A chance to refresh, replenish and rejoice in the summer sun – finally. It was so good and so needed. We headed down to the coast and spent the days blissfully devouring ice cream, feeding goats at the petting “zoo” and having lazy, lazy mornings. Of course we also spent time in the sand and dipped our toes in the typically freezing British sea.


Nautical Adventure 2

Once my minou knew we were headed to the beach she stated that we needed “sewing flags”. It turns out that sewing refers to a) the act of sewing and b) fabric. She wanted us to make little fabric flags for all our sandcastles. So on one of those glorious sunny mornings we raided my maman’s fabric stash and the Minou chose her favourite material. She then sat at the sewing machine with me and made her little ‘sewing flags’.


If you are headed to sandy beaches where castles, forts and boats will be lovingly sculpted then follow along to make some little flags. If you are not the sewing type but would love some of your very own drop me a line on my Facebook page (Fifty Two Create) as I’ll be making some for sale.


Flag Prep


Flag Fabric


Flag Final


Happy beach and summer days…

naomi x


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