Oreo Cookie Lollipop (could have looked cute if it weren’t for the huge FAIL)


Oreo lollipop Fail

My maman gave me this idea and it sounded delicious. I have never understood the big deal about Oreos. That is clearly because I had never eaten one. I ate so many at my maman’s that I had to find myself a dealer seller of these delights as they are not as readily available as I’m guessing they are in the States. Finally I tracked down a shop that sold minature ones. As I had eaten all the big variety I was just left with these to make my lollipops. So. Let me start by saying – don’t by the small variety because a) you will still be left with an insatiable desire for more and b) and perhaps most importantly they are too small for this task and make it fail. Big time.


Oreo lollipop fail 1


Oreo lollipop fail 2

In short. The biscuits didn’t hold together. The chocolate got everywhere. The centre melted. It was so slippy I couldn’t even take a darn photo of it held up.

I may try these again. may. but not in a hurry.

If you want to see how its really done head over to Easy Baked.


I’m off to BritMums today! My first blog conference. Eeeek. Exciting!

naomi x


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