Quilted Love

Quilt Architextures

A few months ago a friend and I had a day trip to Tikki in Kew. Oh my. I was in fabric heaven. Whilst there I picked out some of the beautiful Architextures line by Caroline Friedlander made by Robert Kaufman. This fabric had just come out at the time so I was thrilled to find it. A friend of mine had just given birth to a darling boy whose father is actually an architect! It was perfect.

Those of you who follow on instagram (fiftytwocreate) will have seen the photographic progress over the following months.

Quilting Collage Architextures

It went pretty quickly and smoothly until I got to the binding. I halted. I didn’t want to hand sew. My hand stitching is slow, uneven and ugly which equals to a miserable time for all. After a chat with my quilting friend she showed me how to sew it by machine. To top it off, that weekend I was treated to a surprise trip to see Kaffe Fassett‘s exhibition. He is amazing. I was reved up and so inspired that I came home,  sat down and with the quiet buzz of the sewing machine I finished that quilt that very same evening. Now the gift has been gifted I feel I can share it here.

Quilt Front Architextures

So there it is in all its wonky glory!

Happy quilting friends

naomi x

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