Beach Time Tip (no sand in these sandwiches)

Having spent a week by the coast you can guess where we were each day…Yep, down at the beach either strolling back from the pier or making up games in the sand. We built sail boats, we made fabric flags, we played hide and seek with playmobil characters (and couldn’t seek one little figure out in all that sand, sad moment quickly rectified by assuring my littlie that it will make another child’s day when they dig it up).

One trick I have learnt, passed on to me by my maman, is an easy way of getting sand off your body parts. Yes, you can shower (but not on the beach when you’re ready to devour your sandwiches). Yes, you could give yourself a brisk exfoliation (but my 3 year old loudly objects to that approach). So that leaves you with dusting powder aka talc (without the nasties).

Talc tip

Dust your sandy limbs and rub. The sand comes off without so much as a yelp. Sand free to enjoy your picnic or to get back into the car without having to endure small sand dunes at your feet. Can I hear a Yay! and Woop!

naomi x

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