About Me and 52 Create

Hi, I’m a mama of my dinky minou, I’m a ‘crafter’ and I work in the NHS when I’m not head deep in wet wipes, raisins, yarn and fabric.

I love indulging my creative nudges and having projects on the go. This year has found me trying my hand at knitting and dropping more than a few stitches along the way.

A friend gave me a sewing machine early this year and slowly but surely it is becoming my third hand. I have stuck religiously to patterns, following each press and stitch instruction. I am getting ready to spread my wings and make a pattern of my own. Eeek. The thought is a little terrifying!


I want to catalogue these projects, slow life down a little and hopefully gain some crafty friends who can share their pearls of wisdom as I approach new techniques and challenges.

Welcome to 52 Create. Aiming for 52 projects a year and hopefully a little snuggly place to check into when that creative itch strikes.


Interests: Spending time with with my minou,

dancing like a loon, baking yummy things, speaking en français, writing letters, reading, chilling with friends. Sleeping- lying in bed when the sun is streaming through the window in the mornings, having coffee with mes cheres amies, watching movies late at night in bed, eating -especially smelly cheese- Lindt chocolate and chicken drumsticks. Baking

Having flowers in every room,

looking through friends’ photo albums. Wearing big chunky woolen socks. Eating pick-a-mix, travelling with friends in cars or trains, reading such a good book that you read it everywhere- even on the loo. Trying to truely understand God’s amazing grace.

Singing to rubbish french pop music. Laughing, being silly. Hanging out with my brother and watching our current boxset.

Phew! What a list. So be it yarn, fabric or needing another activity to keep your little one entertained, grab a coffee, snuggle into the sofa and have a virtual wander around (oh and say hello so I can meet you) x

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