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Insomnia = Sewing a Sofa Cover

One night I finally turned out the light at 1am knowing my daughter would wake in 6 hours time. As I lay there my mind floated to the lounge I had just been rearranging. Again. I found the perfect place for my sewing machine and set about making it a tiny sewing haven. For some reason in the recesses of my mind I thought about the cheap IKEA curtain liners I had kept hold of for 6 years (yes, 6 years. Once a hoarder, always a hoarder). My mind started visualising my lounge and this IKEA fabric and bingo ~ sofa cover!

Sewing a Sofa Cover

I began wrestling the pattern and dimensions in my head and then forced myself to shut down and sleep. Fast forward to the following evening and I tried to recreate my visualised pattern! I got it half done and I made one mistake which is not too obvious. Most of all, its so fun and very satisfying. Once you get the basics the sewing world really is your oyster. Go for it! Make that thing that’s been on your mind.

Sewing a Sofa cover 1

The next night I finished my sofa cover. Can I hear a “yeehaa”! It actually only took 5 hours from thinking about the pattern to finishing the last stitch. As I said previously I used cheap IKEA curtain liners so it looks a little like a drop sheet. It’s given me the confidence to eventually buy some nice fabric. I would alter certain parts of the sewing design were I to do it again. There were only 5 stages so it was really quite straightforward. Have you ever made a sofa cover? My mind is now going wild with fabric ideas and fun prints.

Sewing a Sofa Cover Complete

Right I’m trying for a bedtime this side of today…and I still have laundry and food to put away! I think I’ll be grabbing my frozen coffee icecubes to throw into my thermos tomorrow as I dash out of the door in a mad rush.

Sleep tight and dream of patterns.

naomi x

SYTYC Audition Piece – I’m Through! (And yes I did do a boogie in the middle of the supermarket when I recieved the confirmation email!)

Yahoo, Huzzah, Hooray! The ‘So You Think You’re Crafty’ audition results are through and yay I’m into the competition! I am so excited about that. The pressure is now on. I’m dreaming up lots of crafty projects so keep in touch.

Here’s a little more detail about my audition piece:

I decided to showcase my love of sewing whilst including the little crafter side-kick in my life. So what better way than to make a dress embroidered with my daughter’s own drawing. She willingly obliged and drew herself. I love how she has captured her brown hair which she did as a dot-to-dot!:

Child's Drawing

I used the 4927 Simplicity shift dress pattern. It was a simple design so I knew it would allow me to make some personal alterations. After perusing rolls of fabric I decided on a sombre grey suit material. I loved the juxtaposition of the serious fabric embroidered with the fun and carefree drawing.

I wanted to add a little extra pazzazz so decided to line the dress instead of just a top interfacing. I hunted through my fabric stash for a light stripey pink pattern. Reflecting a hint of suit pinstripes with a happy punch.

So You Think You're Crafty audition piece 2

I have fallen in love with collared dresses this season so I knew I wanted to add a tiny peter pan collar to the pattern (the fist collar I have ever made!). Firstly I altered the neckline to sit a little higher:

Altering dress add collar 2

I cut out a pattern for the collar size. Practice makes perfect!:

Altering pattern to add collar

The collar was also lined with the pink stripe which will peek out as she runs and jumps. I added interfacing to give it a little stiffness so it sits nice and crisp on the dress:

Collar Dress

The hem and sleeves are trimmed with a floral print which accentuate the colours used in the embroidered drawing:

So you think you're crafty audition 1

Here’s my littlie’s self-portrait next to the embroidered version:

So You Think You're Crafty audition piece 4

Instead of a button and loop fastening at the back I wanted a zip closure so I adapted the dress pattern so I could add it to the dress. Instead of hiding the zip I chose a pale pink one to stand out as a fun detail on the back.

SYTYC Audition Piece Back final

Finally, the dress in full:

SYTYC Audition Piece Dress Final

The dress has already been worn several times and I can see it becoming a firm favourite. The Artist already has made a request for another ‘drawing dress’ and has frequently disappeared to her colouring table, each time producing too many drawing for me to keep up!

I am so excited about my project for the 1st SYTYC challenge. I’ll post my piece in full after the results are announced so check back in if you want to see how it was created. Or just check in to say hi because that’s always lovely.

Happy end of May

naomi x

Poncho love


This dinky poncho is made from a post box red textured woollen fabric and lined with a Cath Kidson style print.

Poncho Lining

It is snuggly and warm to keep off the chilly spring and autumn breezes. Now that spring has arrived its time to dust it off again.

I love ric rac. It just says “homemade clothes” so two generous stripes of ric rac finish off the outside.

Poncho RicRac

A huge blue button snaps the poncho in place.

Poncho Button

What are your favourite spring clothes?

Poncho Lining 1


For pattern information see here


Happy sewing

naomi x

A Spring Dress

For my birthday last year I spent one of my celebration days with a friend making a dress for my dinky doo. A whole day of sewing-bliss!


Spring Dress


It was a great pattern, no hitches. The tiny pleats came out really nicely and the capped sleeves are sweet.

Spring Dress Fabric


Here’s the pattern:

Spring Dress Pattern


This spring I have some fabric in a canary yellow. I want to add a little black peter pan collar to the pattern.

Yay for the first signs of spring! Yay for spring dresses!


naomi x




Patchwork Quilting – A Mini Series

I’m getting a little addicted to video tutorials!

I just find videos so helpful when learning a new craft or skill. Here is a snap shot of some of the things I have YouTube’d over the years :
– How to change a washing machine seal
– How to break into your own car (believe it or not these videos exist and nb. It didn’t work-had to call out rescue people)
– How to drill into tiles
– How to increase a knitting stitch
And then the usual:
– A good old Jessica Simpson song (I know!)

So as a way of giving back to the community and to log my own learning I’ve made a couple of beginners’ guides here and here.

As some of you know I’m exploring the amazing world of quilting. If patchwork has been singing your name or you’ve always fancied recreating your nanna’s blanket I’m going to be doing a small series on making a sweet yet straightforward patchwork quilt.

Patchwork Quilt Design 2

Subscribe to my YouTube account at FiftyTwoCreate to easily see the most recent video whenever you go to YouTube.

I’ve had a request to cover piping which I will do I once I’ve completed the quilt. If there is anything you want explained in more detail or another topic just let me know.

Use the Easter holiday weekend to dust off your sewing machine and make a quilt of your own.

naomi x

P.s Thank you for voting on the patchwork design. Structured was in the lead at 65% and the controlling perfectionist in me liked the order so I mapped out a coordinated design.Patchwork Quilt Design I have looked at the results again more recently and the voting how now swayed to ‘haphazard’! So those of you who liked that one – a perfect excuse to make your own x