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“Sewing Flags”

Sewing Flags


We’ve recently had some time away. A chance to refresh, replenish and rejoice in the summer sun – finally. It was so good and so needed. We headed down to the coast and spent the days blissfully devouring ice cream, feeding goats at the petting “zoo” and having lazy, lazy mornings. Of course we also spent time in the sand and dipped our toes in the typically freezing British sea.


Nautical Adventure 2

Once my minou knew we were headed to the beach she stated that we needed “sewing flags”. It turns out that sewing refers to a) the act of sewing and b) fabric. She wanted us to make little fabric flags for all our sandcastles. So on one of those glorious sunny mornings we raided my maman’s fabric stash and the Minou chose her favourite material. She then sat at the sewing machine with me and made her little ‘sewing flags’.


If you are headed to sandy beaches where castles, forts and boats will be lovingly sculpted then follow along to make some little flags. If you are not the sewing type but would love some of your very own drop me a line on my Facebook page (Fifty Two Create) as I’ll be making some for sale.


Flag Prep


Flag Fabric


Flag Final


Happy beach and summer days…

naomi x


Quilting & Ironing

Up to now I have been using a small IKEA ironing board. It did the job but was low to the ground and after many years had lost its padding so any ironing showed up grid marks.

Finally I found a TV table to convert into a new ironing board. It is perfect. Easy to store and it folds out at the same height as my sewing machine table.

I bought an ironing board cover and felt pad at my favourite Aldi supermarket.

Here’s a quick how to:

TV Table Ironing Table

TV Table IRoning Table cut

TV Table Ironing Table string

Ironing board cover & felt pad

and here is the end result:

TV Table Ironing Table 1

Excuse the loose threads which need trimming

TV Table Ironing table

In action:

TV Table Ironing Table Final

It has just make ironing that little bit more enjoyable.

naomi x

Quilting Mini Series – Un Problème

I haven’t forgotten to post on my Patchwork Quilting Mini Series its just that I’ve had a little hitch that has set me back.

(If you’re new around here and have no idea what I’m talking about – here’s a couple of little links:

How it started


Mini Series Video Tutorial

I recorded some film (is that too old school?) – video of the next steps and then sat down to dutifully record a voiceover. Then shucks and low and behold. This Mac Mini has no internal mic. And there I was talking at my computer for several minutes whilst it sat there and did nothing, no recording, da nada. Can you tell I’m new to this videoing malarkey (this is not my first videoing hurdle).

I hunted around for some headphones because I have faint memories of using them in my stereo to sing along to Ace of Base or East 17. Yep. Yes I did. Baby don’t go awaaaayyyy. *cough*

This little, tiny box is giving me a lot of headache

This little, tiny box is giving me a lot of headache

So, I wanted to let you know I’ve not forgotten – I’m having a mini hiatus so that I don’t pull my hair out too many nights in a row. Plus uploading a video with Fireman Sam background noise and my Minou giving me a commentary of our task (yep you’ll see me with 3 arms when I finally post it as she wanted to help make her quilt!) isn’t the best viewing experience you’ll ever have.

Any of you out there techno super heros? Is there a simple way around this that doesn’t require me buying a USB headset?!

To be continued…

naomi x

Mini Series Live

My patchwork quilt series is now live! The first video is up to view: Mini Series part 1.

Patchwork Quilt Design 2

Happy Good Friday!

I hope you spend it happy wherever  you are and whoever you are with x

naomi x

Beginner’s Guide To Sewing Essentials

Just recently I spent a day in sewing heaven at the Twisted Thread Knitting and Sewing show. Be still my heart. I took my carefully saved pennies and stood like a child in a sweet shop at each stall. Eventually after much deliberation (and a little bartering) I handed over my coins for some sewing luxuries. Be still my soul. (You can see them here)

I took a class on dressmaking and pattern design by The Sewing Rooms and it was A.mazing. I really recommend them.

There were stalls and stalls with so much fabric you could have buried yourself underneath and hibernated. I bought half a metre of some dreamy Michael Miller (my love affair fabric designer) for Spring cushions in my home from Fabrics Galore. Because everyone loves Paris in the Springtime right, and French Kiss.

(C - 1248) Eiffel Tower by Michael Miller

(C – 1248) Eiffel Tower by Michael Miller

Look at this fun British postage stamp print fabric

Or this darling bird print that has a Japanese vibe

And don’t get me started on this beautiful Atlas print *sigh*

I will definitely be going back in October for the next show so if you’re going too let me know!

Over the past year I have accumulated sewing ‘equipment’. Sewing shops stock a mighty array of goodies and tools that can be overwhelming if you’re not sure what you will need and what is a ‘treat’ purchase. I have slowly acquired my own items that have proven themselves to be worth their weight in silk. For those of you starting out or those of you who simply want to see the new sewing gems I now stroke and purr over before bedtime click here to see my new little video showing each item in its glory.

love and fabric swatches

naomi x