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Knitted Bed

A little impromptu knitted bed for my dinky doo’s baby playmobil. [I thought this would be really quick but it ended up taking me an hour!]


Initially her bed was made out of tissue until she had an upgrade!


Just a little knit stitch and stocking stitch for the pillow, filled with some padding. Sew up to close and all around like a sleeping bag and voila a snuggly bed.

[4 ply, 2  1/3 size needles]


Sewing Project: Dolly Nappies

My daughter LOVES her dolls. She plays with them every single day without fail.

As she has watched me on the sewing machine to my delight she is now putting in orders and has a belief that I can create anything. I love her confidence in my sewing abilities!

She has asked for nappies for the dolls and as I have some old toweling fabric I thought this would be manageable (and a perfect cost effective Christmas present).

I wanted to make nappies for my minou’s most played with dolls. Let me introduce Shella and Lilly Belle:


Try pattern on dollies as you go…


Behind the scenes:


As you can see it can take a while to create the perfect pattern and even then I had to make some alterations as I went.


As the fabric was very fray’able’ I had to sew two pieces together and turn inside out. I sewed a sweet heart on the front. Each of the hearts look a little different as I was using up the felt scraps.

I sewed a little Velcro inside the nappies for a little ‘wee’ to be added and taken off when the nappies are changed!

I also made a few wipes with the scraps left over.

Here are the finished nappies, wipes and wee!:



When I get a computer I will try to make some pdf patterns so that you can simply download them and stitch away! I still have to work out how to do this…

Let me know if you have any questions about the construction.

I am now seriously more excited than my daughter about Christmas! I just can’t wait to see her play with these.

I have had several people ask when I have the time to sew etc. Unfortunately, its just not possible to concentrate with my minou around so I make my projects in the evenings. However, I then get caught into wanting to finish it so I end up going to bed very late! Good job I’m a night owl.

Happy weekend
♡ naomi