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Dinosaur Applique T-shirt

I’m on a roll!  I’ve just tried a little dinosaur t-shirt and it’s sweet. I did the exactly the same as the tractor t-shirt but instead cut out a raaa dinosaur.

I decided to go for a stegosauras for the first attempt. Good shape and nice detail with the scales (is that what they’re called?!)

Challenge: Easy to moderate depending on confidence with a sewing machine

Time: 1 hr

→ T-shirt
→ Felt in two contrasting colours
→ Dinosaur drawing
→ Thread the colour of your felt
→ Paper
→ Scissors
→ Pencil
→ Tiny bead for eye

Here are some photo instructions:


1. Draw out dinosaur design. See my pinterest Applique Board and Dinosaur Board for ideas.


2. Cut out your felt and pin to t-shirt.


3. I sewed a line at the bottom of the scales so that they lift off the t-shirt nicely and gives it a little depth [plus you don’t have to sew around those awkward shapes]


4. Sew on tiny bead for dinosaur eye


5. Admire and enjoy your dinosaur t-shirt


Don’t forget to change thread and bobbin for the colours that match your felt!

enjoy, naomi ♡