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Hello world!

Welcome to 52 Create.

Recently I was thinking over my sewing projects since February 2012. A friend gave me a sewing machine and I was away! I found out that I love sewing. It is relaxing and at the end of the process you have a lovely item, lovingly made.

I have really only begun learning how to sew, read patterns and knit since this time. So I wanted a place to document my sewing endeavours and set myself a positive challenge of sewing, knitting, creating 52 projects each week for a year.

I hope you’ll join me. I look forward to sharing my projects and what I’ve learnt on the way. Advice, tips and techniques would be lovely.

I hope to also encourage any budding ‘create’ enthusiasts. Not to ruin the illusion but it really isn’t as hard as it looks!

See you soon
Naomi ♡