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Tie T-shirts

I’m on a sewing frenzy to finish all my sewing before next week. I want all the gifts stitched and wrapped. Phew. A lot still to go.

Here is a very short and quick post to show you the latest t-shirts.

I originally tried making ties from fabric but it was fiddly and looked like a throw back from the 90s and not in any good way. No geek chic here. Probably bad colour choice coupled with bad shaping. Either way enough for me to not want to look at it for a good few weeks.


After a lot of huffing and leaving it to one side I couldn’t procrastinate any longer.

Felt. My saviour has been felt this year.
So these new ties were crafted with lovely marly, thick felt. Delicious. 

Here they are. I have only sewn them to the t-shirt at the’ knot’ so that when they run and play the tie shall flap and wave, as true gentleman ties should.

Rightio, I’m off to bed. Enjoy this photo and buy yourselves some felt. The possibilities are endless!


♡ naomi

Ceramic Gifts

Homemade Christmas next installment:
I have been unsure what to make for my grandparents for noel.

I saw some great candle mats in Tiger that I thought would be perfect as coasters and since my grandparents both drink lots of tea ~ fantastic.

So if you want to join me for very simple, quick and lovely gifts read on…

Time: Drawing time plus about 20 mins in the oven

Challenge: Easy

→ Plain crockery
→ Sharpie pens
→ Oven

1. Pre heat oven to 170 celsius


2. Decide on your pattern or design. Draw onto your crockery

3. Place in oven for about 20 minutes

4. Leave to cool and then enjoy your lovely item

I bought a cheaper version of the sharpie pen. Don’t! The nib isn’t as crisp, colour not as ‘full’ and in the oven the colours actually change!

Have fun and enjoy your crafting week

naomi x

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Homemade Christmas chez moi continued…


I have several friends who all enjoy baking so I thought some homemade vanilla extract without all the chemical nasties would be a lovely gift.

Time: 20mins

Challenge: Easy

→ Vodka
→ Glass bottles
→ Vanilla pods
→ funnel (optional for ease)
→ Stickers
→ Ribbon


1. Wash your bottles well and sterilise with boiling water


2. Cut down the middle of your vanilla pods so that when they’re in the bottle all the vanilla loveliness will mingle with the vodka


3. Place pods in the bottles. You want a ratio of 1 pod per 80ml of vodka (about 1/3 cup).


4. Fill bottles with vodka


5. Add your stickers and ribbon to beautify and look sweet. Voila all done.

6. Leave in a cool dark place for about 2 months for flavours to develop. The colour will deepen with time.

You can just top up your bottle with vodka as you use it for a bottomless supply of vanilla extract.

I painted the lids with a festive red nail polish to cover over the writing.


naomi ♡