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Patchwork & Quilting Dreams (Please don’t let this result in a knotted mess!)

I have fallen in love with patchwork quilts. They are beautiful. They have to be made with love (as they look flipping difficult and time-consuming). They tell stories. The patch designs have names like Grandmother’s life (or something of that sort) which is just amazing. Plus there are so many fun patterns and designs out there.

Paper Shredder Quilt by Kevin Kosbab

Paper Shredder Quilt by Kevin Kosbab

A friend of mine has been quilting for just over a year now. I have watched her progress from small squares to incredible optical illusion quilts. Amazing. I have been feeling the pull of the fabric and challenge for a while now.

Last week I realised I had missed her birthday. The pull gave into action. I decided I had to make her a special patchwork ‘something’. I’ve been crash course preparing by watching YouTube videos until I can recite them in my sleep. I’ve poured over facts about pressing seams in alternate directions. I have lovingly gazed at the rotary cutters on the shop shelves. I have trawled the interweb for simple patterns and tutorials.

Alas, the last night my mission began. I have 3 days until we meet up. I have 3 days to produce this lovingly made beauty. Oh gosh. The pressure just may be too much.

So, all you quilting patchworkers out there, I am going to blog my progress so that you can halt me with necessary advice and guidance! Or maybe just a word of encouragement. It took me 3 hours to design, faff, think, cut a template, cut three more as the seam allowances and sizing was all wrong, cut, and trim my fabric. Heck. It already looks wonky. 3 Hours people. 3.

So now I have 7 tiny pieces of fabric in front of me that need to somehow be joined together (neatly). However, it is late now (as I write this) and I don’t think ironing and sewing with sleepy eyes will reap any good rewards so I will leave you with a little (rough and ready) photo to enjoy.

Patchwork Purse

Let my patchwork journey begin

naomi x