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Quilting & Ironing

Up to now I have been using a small IKEA ironing board. It did the job but was low to the ground and after many years had lost its padding so any ironing showed up grid marks.

Finally I found a TV table to convert into a new ironing board. It is perfect. Easy to store and it folds out at the same height as my sewing machine table.

I bought an ironing board cover and felt pad at my favourite Aldi supermarket.

Here’s a quick how to:

TV Table Ironing Table

TV Table IRoning Table cut

TV Table Ironing Table string

Ironing board cover & felt pad

and here is the end result:

TV Table Ironing Table 1

Excuse the loose threads which need trimming

TV Table Ironing table

In action:

TV Table Ironing Table Final

It has just make ironing that little bit more enjoyable.

naomi x

Mini Series Live

My patchwork quilt series is now live! The first video is up to view: Mini Series part 1.

Patchwork Quilt Design 2

Happy Good Friday!

I hope you spend it happy wherever  you are and whoever you are with x

naomi x

Patchwork Quilting – A Mini Series

I’m getting a little addicted to video tutorials!

I just find videos so helpful when learning a new craft or skill. Here is a snap shot of some of the things I have YouTube’d over the years :
– How to change a washing machine seal
– How to break into your own car (believe it or not these videos exist and nb. It didn’t work-had to call out rescue people)
– How to drill into tiles
– How to increase a knitting stitch
And then the usual:
– A good old Jessica Simpson song (I know!)

So as a way of giving back to the community and to log my own learning I’ve made a couple of beginners’ guides here and here.

As some of you know I’m exploring the amazing world of quilting. If patchwork has been singing your name or you’ve always fancied recreating your nanna’s blanket I’m going to be doing a small series on making a sweet yet straightforward patchwork quilt.

Patchwork Quilt Design 2

Subscribe to my YouTube account at FiftyTwoCreate to easily see the most recent video whenever you go to YouTube.

I’ve had a request to cover piping which I will do I once I’ve completed the quilt. If there is anything you want explained in more detail or another topic just let me know.

Use the Easter holiday weekend to dust off your sewing machine and make a quilt of your own.

naomi x

P.s Thank you for voting on the patchwork design. Structured was in the lead at 65% and the controlling perfectionist in me liked the order so I mapped out a coordinated design.Patchwork Quilt Design I have looked at the results again more recently and the voting how now swayed to ‘haphazard’! So those of you who liked that one – a perfect excuse to make your own x


A Beginner’s Guide to Patchwork & Quilting. Eeeep, its new to me too!

I have clocked up some serious YouTube minutes by watching different videos on all manner of sewing techniques. I thought it would be “fun” to vlog my first ever attempt at patchwork quilting and let you join along for the ride (all mistakes and cringe worthy moments included). I have realised I start most sentences with “okay…” and I pull a lot of faces. It was fun.

I have learnt NEVER to film in portrait (bane of my life) and how to make my way around iMovie. I have spent more time trying to rectify the stretched ‘Shrek’esque face that filming in portrait delivers than it took to film the little blighter. However, despite being told to call it quits it was my first vlog and I had to see it through.

Take a little stroll over to YouTube and have a tiny look. Yes, the image is miniscule due to the aforementioned problems. Yes, its probably too small to make out what I’m actually talking about but humour me!


I only vlogged the patchwork and quilting, not the whole purse tutorial because a) that would have pushed my skills too far in one night and b) it was 2am before I got to bed. Enough said.

I followed this wonderful tutorial for making the purse. I adapted it slightly as I wanted some piping around the edge to give it a nice finish.

I completed the purse during a crafty day with Evie Winter. She amazingly walked me through iMovie (look out for one of her shorts that she will post on her blog). She held me hand around the world of tweets and was a general computer wizardess (is that the feminine of wizard?!)

Here is the finished purse:

Patchwork Quilting

In the end I wanted both sides to be quilted. It has a lovely lining inside:

Patchwork Quilting

I added a sweet tag onto the zipper saying ‘from me to you x’.

I will proudly say that I love it. It came out just as I wanted. So my challenge to you – set forth and quilt!

naomi x

Vlog baby yeah!

I thought I’d expand my horizons.  I thought I’d try something new. I thought I’d embrace something a little nerve-wracking…I thought I’d make a vlog!

As you may or may not know last week I tried my hand at quilting. I attempted to make a little vlog of the whole process.

There have been some (major) technological hiccups. I had to give myself a crash course in iMovie, Final Cut Pro and various downloaded applications. Finally I think I have it cracked. So all being well and it exports as it should I will post in due course said Vlog post!

A sneaky peek:

Patchwork & Quilting

Now I must go and figure out if it is straightforward to upload to YouTube!?!

A demain

naomi x