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Beginner’s Guide To Sewing Essentials

Just recently I spent a day in sewing heaven at the Twisted Thread Knitting and Sewing show. Be still my heart. I took my carefully saved pennies and stood like a child in a sweet shop at each stall. Eventually after much deliberation (and a little bartering) I handed over my coins for some sewing luxuries. Be still my soul. (You can see them here)

I took a class on dressmaking and pattern design by The Sewing Rooms and it was A.mazing. I really recommend them.

There were stalls and stalls with so much fabric you could have buried yourself underneath and hibernated. I bought half a metre of some dreamy Michael Miller (my love affair fabric designer) for Spring cushions in my home from Fabrics Galore. Because everyone loves Paris in the Springtime right, and French Kiss.

(C - 1248) Eiffel Tower by Michael Miller

(C – 1248) Eiffel Tower by Michael Miller

Look at this fun British postage stamp print fabric

Or this darling bird print that has a Japanese vibe

And don’t get me started on this beautiful Atlas print *sigh*

I will definitely be going back in October for the next show so if you’re going too let me know!

Over the past year I have accumulated sewing ‘equipment’. Sewing shops stock a mighty array of goodies and tools that can be overwhelming if you’re not sure what you will need and what is a ‘treat’ purchase. I have slowly acquired my own items that have proven themselves to be worth their weight in silk. For those of you starting out or those of you who simply want to see the new sewing gems I now stroke and purr over before bedtime click here to see my new little video showing each item in its glory.

love and fabric swatches

naomi x



Tie T-shirts

I’m on a sewing frenzy to finish all my sewing before next week. I want all the gifts stitched and wrapped. Phew. A lot still to go.

Here is a very short and quick post to show you the latest t-shirts.

I originally tried making ties from fabric but it was fiddly and looked like a throw back from the 90s and not in any good way. No geek chic here. Probably bad colour choice coupled with bad shaping. Either way enough for me to not want to look at it for a good few weeks.


After a lot of huffing and leaving it to one side I couldn’t procrastinate any longer.

Felt. My saviour has been felt this year.
So these new ties were crafted with lovely marly, thick felt. Delicious. 

Here they are. I have only sewn them to the t-shirt at the’ knot’ so that when they run and play the tie shall flap and wave, as true gentleman ties should.

Rightio, I’m off to bed. Enjoy this photo and buy yourselves some felt. The possibilities are endless!


♡ naomi

Drawing to Sewing. An Artwork Masterpiece Represented in Stitch.

Homemade Christmas~Translating drawings to sewing gifts.


My daughter’s current speciality is drawing spiders. No faces, just numerous long gangly legs. She tells me that spiders don’t have eyes, noses or mouths which from her vision is a perfect assumption. I love her representation with the tens and tens of legs spiking out from their swollen bodies.

So when I asked her to draw her grandpa a picture, which I could then sew onto a scarf for him, of course out came the squiggly orbits. “Spiders” she proudly exclaimed and signed her work with a flourish.

Okay. Spiders it is. I used to have a huge aversion to the arachnids. In fact since moving to London and coping with the obligatory visitors of the rodent nature, spiders swiftly became benign and laughingly meek in comparison.

We have been welcoming spiders into our home this last month to sort out any lingering flies. Maybe that is where the spider love started with my daughter.

She has a keen eye on each spider in our home and will announce with railway station regularity on their whereabouts and health status. “Sleeping spider, mama” [aka curled up and no longer with us.. but I’m leaving the death talk for another month].

Before my house sounds like a true infestation of nasties I’ll move onto the sewing project.

So with spider drawing in hand I set about recreating this with the machine. I had to use a stretch fabric stitch as a single stitch was too thin to be seen with the fluff of the fleece.


I love the effect and it didn’t take too long at all. I can’t wait to see what little minou makes of it tomorrow morning.


I feel many more ‘drawing to stitch’ projects over the next few years.

Have fun recreating your littlies drawings!
naomi ♡

Lightening McQueen ~ A Sewing Project

My darling godson turned 3. What to get him I thought…I scoured the shops, picked up toys, flicked through books but nothing stood out and grabbed me.

Something homemade I decided. A t-shirt…no, a hat…no. then boom, the idea was lodged… I wanted to make him a soft snuggly Disney Cars character. A pillow slash bedtime snuggly or just a huge fun car to play with.

Now my daughter went through her car/vehicle/truck phase when she was 1-2 years old and we are firmly in doll, baby, sylvanian family zone with no end in sight. So I have no idea about these car personalities. I think [hope] the red car is the main guy. He certainly seemed to be on Google images!


I set about drawing him just to get a feel for the proportions and style. I then mocked up a paper version to form a vague pattern and went from there.


I’d love to give you steps but I went with the flow and there is no way I could retell his life history.


We hit a few bumps with the wheels [pun intended!] but overall he and I got on well. He was a cheeky fellow at times but forgiving and I made sure I filled him full of love, hugs and kisses.


Now to wrap him up for the birthday boy x


It always fun when you manage to translate something from mind to creation that looks similar to how you imagined.

Right I’m off to watch the Twilight Breaking Dawn part one. [Yes, I know. I never saw myself as a Twihard either and yes I know the writing is clunky, the relationship dynamics can be criticised, and Bella’s character is not role inspiring for our girls. But. It has provided me some delightful escapism when I’ve really needed it, and I loved it! So there!] Off to indulge [and in case you were wondering – totally Camp Edward]


Have a lovely week lovelies
naomi ♡