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Tie T-shirts

I’m on a sewing frenzy to finish all my sewing before next week. I want all the gifts stitched and wrapped. Phew. A lot still to go.

Here is a very short and quick post to show you the latest t-shirts.

I originally tried making ties from fabric but it was fiddly and looked like a throw back from the 90s and not in any good way. No geek chic here. Probably bad colour choice coupled with bad shaping. Either way enough for me to not want to look at it for a good few weeks.


After a lot of huffing and leaving it to one side I couldn’t procrastinate any longer.

Felt. My saviour has been felt this year.
So these new ties were crafted with lovely marly, thick felt. Delicious. 

Here they are. I have only sewn them to the t-shirt at the’ knot’ so that when they run and play the tie shall flap and wave, as true gentleman ties should.

Rightio, I’m off to bed. Enjoy this photo and buy yourselves some felt. The possibilities are endless!


♡ naomi

Dinosaur Applique T-shirt

I’m on a roll!  I’ve just tried a little dinosaur t-shirt and it’s sweet. I did the exactly the same as the tractor t-shirt but instead cut out a raaa dinosaur.

I decided to go for a stegosauras for the first attempt. Good shape and nice detail with the scales (is that what they’re called?!)

Challenge: Easy to moderate depending on confidence with a sewing machine

Time: 1 hr

→ T-shirt
→ Felt in two contrasting colours
→ Dinosaur drawing
→ Thread the colour of your felt
→ Paper
→ Scissors
→ Pencil
→ Tiny bead for eye

Here are some photo instructions:


1. Draw out dinosaur design. See my pinterest Applique Board and Dinosaur Board for ideas.


2. Cut out your felt and pin to t-shirt.


3. I sewed a line at the bottom of the scales so that they lift off the t-shirt nicely and gives it a little depth [plus you don’t have to sew around those awkward shapes]


4. Sew on tiny bead for dinosaur eye


5. Admire and enjoy your dinosaur t-shirt


Don’t forget to change thread and bobbin for the colours that match your felt!

enjoy, naomi ♡

T-Shirt Applique ~ Tractor

Its a homemade Christmas chez moi this year. I’ll be posting lots of t-shirt gifts in the next few weeks.
Here is the first t-shirt project.
☆I have never appliqued before so any advice would be warmly welcome. I am unsure how to bond/adhere fabric to fabric (wonderweb/fabric glue/simply sewing?).☆

Okay so here goes for tractor t-shirts:

Challenge: moderate to easy depending on your confidence with a sewing machine.

Time: 1 and a half hours [it’s always hard to tell as I’m usually doing a couple of things at once. I need to start putting on a timer!].

→ T-shirts
→ Felt [Tiger have packs of 5 sheets for £ 1 at the moment]
→ Thread the colour of your felt
→ Buttons
→ Pins
→ Scissors [fabric and paper]
→ Paper
→ Pencil


1. Draw a tractor that fits your t-shirt. Cut out design.


2. Pin design to felt. Cut out.


3. Pin felt design to t-shirt and sew carefully around the edges of your felt design.


4. Remove pins and admire handywork


5. Sew buttons to tractor wheels.

Remember to keep checking that the back of the t-shirt doesn’t get caught whilst stitching. You don’t want to sew the front and back together!

♡ Share the love♡
Show me your designs and finished products. Plus any advice on applique skills and techniques.