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Knitting Needle Tip

My novice hands have been twisting and turning yarn into little hats. It has been a fairly bumpy ride from making my first knitted item to re-knitting everything thinking they were lost!

The pattern I used, called for a change of needles several rows in. On the most part this was problem free but on too many occasions I would find myself knee deep in knitted rows to only find I had forgotten to swap BOTH needles. Argh.

I knit with bamboo. I tried metal ones but my tension goes all funny and my knitting looks like a piece of loose netting. My needles all look the same… I have a love hate relationship with my nails. [Yes, bare with me, I do mean fingernails and there is a link!] Sometimes they grow long other times they refuse. As a consequence I have many nail polish colours bought in the whimsy and feeling of great expectations. Finally another use was born. I have painted the tips of my needles the same colour for each size. This has solved two problems.  Now at a glance I can identify the size I need and mid knit its harder to forget to change both needles. Taa daa!


I hope it helps you too.



Painting Tip

A tiny little post…

Today has been about errands, bills, playing schools, babies and painting!


I thought I’d share a little painting tip with you:

Instead of scrapping your excess paint on the tin side (which then makes it hard to close the lid) place an elastic band on the tin and use this.


Have fun with your painting projects.

Right we’re off to the shops!

♡ naomi