Sharpie Tumblers

These little tumblers are perfect for little hands. My dinky doo has been using ‘proper’ cups and glasses since she started weaning. I think we’ve only had about 3 breakages in that time which I’m happy to go with. As a consequence she actually has more accidents with plastic cups as she isn’t used to the light weight and more easily knocks them over.

When I found these sweet white tumblers they cried out for some individual Sharpie love.


A little pink one for my minou and two little ones for her friends.



This one has her friend’s name written in balloons.


As always ‘set’ in an oven at about 190c for about 20mins. Remember I don’t think these would withstand the rigorous and pounding water of being washed a dishwasher so wash by hand.

Here’s another fun Sharpie mug post


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