Transport Play – The easy peasy ‘game’ for a hour of entertainment

Today we had a lovely little friend come to play. I watched as both littlies shot around the house chasing the yoga (ogre) equipped with pan lids, twirling ribbon and a Sylvanian Family tree (which was used to paint where the ogre had been…?!) It was adorable. After several games of fun and excitement we calmed things down with a little ‘Transport Play’.


Transport Play 1


To join us you’ll need:

– Roll of paper (Ikea, WHSmith etc etc) or just some large sheets

– Cars, diggers, emergency services and any other mode of transportation your city wishes to encourage.

– Pens!

– That’s it, oh maybe just a drop of imagination or SIM City experience!

Draw and create your ideal city. I drew quickly without too much thought as I had two little people playing and weaving cars through my hands as soon as the first coloured mark was made. You could prepare the night before if you want to make it extra special. Be warned it can become quite intense. I am distressed by the lack of accessible parking near my play park, hence the hastily added bridges and there needs to be a better overall layout!

Have fun!

naomi x

4 thoughts on “Transport Play – The easy peasy ‘game’ for a hour of entertainment

  1. judithkingston

    I do this too!! Though obviously the child needs to be just that little bit older, as my son hadn’t quite got the concept of a city plan – that it is a view from above, that the cars need to drive on the road etc. 🙂

      1. judithkingston

        You don’t realise what a complicated concept a map is until you introduce it to a toddler or a senior-citizen-asylum-seeker from a small village in Afghanistan. I had quite a few ladies in my classes who were completely bemused by the phenomenon.

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