Winter Coastal Walks

I’ve had a little mini break due to some impromptu time off. This has meant less time for crafting but more time for breezy walks, plentiful cups of tea, Faileys (fake Bailey’s-amazing), playing ‘sleeping bunnies’ with children dear to my heart and not having to think about making breakfast, lunch and dinner (seriously that in itself is a holiday!)

Anyway as there have been less posts this last week I thought I’d add a little ‘off topic’ post.


I love the coast. As in l.o.v.e. it. The wind, the smell, the salty taste in the air, the amazing sound and the different texture under your shoes.


Not to sound too cheesy but I will anyhow…A coastal walk replenishes my soul. It clears my head in a way that nothing else does. Even if its a 5 minute walk. I think about different things and it always gives me a spiritual lift. Ah. L.o.v.e it!


When I had a few days off between jobs in the middle of the year we were back at the coast. When the dinky doo woke, before everyone else was ready to be up and about, we would quietly slip our wellies on in the early light, pull a sweater and coat over our pjs and slip off to a new part of the beach.


For half an hour we’d explore, sit, play and run.


Then return to coffee, warm milk and pain au chocolat. Bliss.


Where is your place?

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