Milly’s Door ~ Floral

Here’s the next Milly’s door update:

Thanks to my dinky doo’s babcia and grandpapa “Milly” has decorated outside with a lovely growing vine and blossoming flowers.


This morning after careful inspection the dinks informed me that if we could find the tiny keys we could open it as she could see the tiny lock.


She showed off her door this evening to her papa and tried once more to get it to open by her various knocking tactics.

I have two more additions to add before Christmas~exciting!

On a side note-I am nowhere near prepared for Christmas! My house is a veritable state and I have several presents that still need making, wrapping and sending, eeek, all before Friday, double, triple eeek.

To make it all the more difficult on Sat evening I began feeling lousy which turned into a nasty stomach bug. I do not need this now!! This has taken me many days off schedule.  Well, as Dr Seuss confirmed Christmas can and will go ahead, just on merry cheer.

Well, 3 more days and I’m off to Whoville.  I hope your Christmas preparations are coming along a bit better than mine!


4 thoughts on “Milly’s Door ~ Floral

  1. myidlethumbs

    OK. I love this. But I have just been through all your other posts and can’t find out where and when you first came up with the idea. It has so caught my imagination though… please let me in on it’s beginnings (just point me in the right direction if I have missed the obvious!)

    Thanks for following my blog too!x

      1. myidlethumbs

        They were much easier than they look (shhhhhh).

        If I ever have anyone to make one for I will be stealing your idea. In the bank for the future! Wonderful!x

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