Huge Home Crafted Valentine Handprint Heart Postcards ~ Send Some Love People

Send a little love with this larger than life postcard.

We made these over the course of several days. Attention spans can only be stretched so far! 

We had some fun messy play painting her hands and making handprint hearts. Minou then got down to some serious ‘doll, duck and star’ painting.


We only get the paints and playdoh out once a month ish so when we do she loves it and plays for about an hour [aka mama’s opportunity to observe with a running commentary whilst indulging in a huge flat white coffee].

To join us you’ll need:

→ Paint
→ Colored card/paper. We used old file dividers
→ Scissors
→ Glue
→ Pens
→ Wet wipes in abundance
→ that huge flat white

Once your hand hearts are dry, and you are throughly buzzing from your coffee, cut into a ♡ shape. We have fun scalloped edged scissors which make it look very sweet.

Many of our hand hearts didn’t look much like “hearts” as you and I would call them but handpainting is only fun for so long and is no fun if its got to be done a very particular way.

Never fear, cutting them into a heart shape makes it much more obvious about what they’re supposed to be!


Glue onto your card/file divider. 


Turn over and mark out a postcard. Careful the pen doesn’t seep through to the other side [we learnt the hard way!]

Write your little note [and adorn with pictures of oranges?!]. Copy the address out and send with a kiss and hug.


Dont forget these will probably need a large stamp if you’re posting in the UK [I still can’t get my head around this system].

Have fun sending love notes to friends and family.


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