How to Make a Darling Hair Bow in Just 2 Minutes x

For those of you with lovely shoulder length/long hair or if you have a littlie with long locks this is perfect. It seriously only takes a few minutes. Perfect ‘in a rush but I want cute hair’, hair!


So here goes…
→ shoulder length to long hair
→ hairbrush
→ hair bobble/elastic
→ kirby grips/hair pins
→ a dash of rose tinted lip balm as you fly out the door

My hair is still too short for this, so my daughter gets the benefit at present.  

Brush your hair into a high pony. At the last elastic twist instead of pulling your hair totally free of the elastic, leave a little. Your pony tail is now in a little loop.


Separate the looped hair into two. This will form the bow shape.


Pull the hair that wasn’t fully pulled through the pony tail between the two loops and pin at the back.



Hope you enjoy making your hair look darling x


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