Bring Nature Indoors with a Little Tree Wall Art

After a friend’s birthday party my Minou brought home a little tiny wooden bird house. It was so cute. As soon as I saw it I felt it needed a little tree to hang on.


I poured over many images of trees and wall stickers and then set about designing my own.


Tree Wall Design


To join in you’ll need:

– Paint for the tree trunk

– Pencil for drafting your design

– Thin paintbrush

– Coloured card stock (I used scrapbooking ‘paper’)

– Blutack (I did buy border paste but in the end decided that: 1- the blutack causes the leaves to lift slightly off the wall giving it a ‘blowing in the breeze look’ and 2, it meant I wouldn’t have to scrap off the numerous leaves when her room gets a re-design or change around later).

– A quiet house. You don’t want little fingers smudging your handiwork before its dry!

Tree Wall Design 1


Draw your tree design onto the wall in pencil. When you are happy with it paint over with a fine paintbrush. Whilst it dries cut out your leaves. Place your leaves sporadically around the branches. Stand back and admire.

naomi x

4 thoughts on “Bring Nature Indoors with a Little Tree Wall Art

  1. judithkingston

    I particularly like the last step. 🙂 Sadly all our walls are completely obscured by bookcases. Too many books!


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