Heat Snugglies

Homemade Christmas: Heat Snugglies


When the winter chill sets in all you want to do is close the door, settle into the sofa with a mug of coffee, a good book and a toasty warm snuggly.

These are so easy to make and are a lovely gift. Just pop them in the microwave for a couple of minutes and presto, toasty warm with a subtle lavender scent.

You can use fabric scraps and make them any size you like. I had an old brushed cotton blanket from when my Dinky really was dinky! ~ Perfect to line the bags for insulation.

I just used the rice packet as a simple sizing guide. I wanted them long and thin so that they’d wrap around limbs and necks.


I cut two liners and two fabric pieces. If you fold your fabric [centre fold] and cut it out, you won’t have to sew one seam. [The green pen markings shows you to line this up with the folded side of fabric]


I made a mistake with the first one sewing the fabric the wrong way. Make sure your liner is on the outside and your fabric is right sides together inside. This way when you turn it inside out you will have your fabric facing you.


Sew one ‘top’ end and the side and halfway across the ‘bottom’ end. Snip your corners off, close to the stitching. This ensures a neat point when you turn it rightside out [let me know if this doesn’t make sense and I’ll add a photo instruction].

Turn it rightside out and fill with rice. I had some lavender collected from my wild lavender plant in summer (which has recently been pruned within an inch of its life and I’ll have to see if it survives the winter! Gardening is a very new skill to me).

Fold the edges of the fabric in, on the unsewn ‘bottom’. Stitch along the top of the fabric [so it is now sewn closed]. You could slip stitch by hand for a very neat finish but my hand sewing is not up to scratch so I prefer the neat seam of my sewing machine.


Wrap sweetly with a little ‘heating note’ and give to a dear friend. You could also give them some delicious hot chocolate [post to follow soon] to enjoy as they snuggle into the sofa with that good book remember.

May you have chilly nights for an excuse to wrap up warm and cosy. Ah, I love autumn and winter.

naomi ♡

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