Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Homemade Christmas: Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Let’s add to our winter survival packs/Christmas gifts with this delicious twist on a regular hot chocolate.

Salted caramel hot chocolate should have a little tang that counteracts the sweet and bitterness of the chocolate.

Nothing beats a mug of cocoa after a day of chilly air.

I have to admit I was little apprehensive about making the caramel after the toffee debacle. However, surprisingly blending the 70% chocolate caused me more difficulties.

As my friend and I have learnt with craft projects over the last few weeks, what you think will be straightforward will end up being the most challenging! “That’ll be quick” = famous last words. “I’ll just pop that on there” = famous last words! In these moments chant our mantra “it’s the thought that counts, homemade with love”. And if necessary pour a large glass of red or a sneaky whiskey. 

So let’s get down to business.  Recipe.
I found this lovely straightforward recipe on Pennies on a Platter blog. I supplemented the caramel instructions with a dollop of Delia for security and comfort.  If in doubt, Delia it.

Basically make the caramel. Blend with all the dry ingredients then add chocolate and blend again [whilst chanting mantra]. Package in pretty jars. All done. As with the pinecones give yourself the evening to make this. Caramel needs patience and more patience.

I didn’t add too much salt as I think this really is a matter of personal preference and it gives room for the recipient to add extra if their taste buds so desire.
[Note: I used lovely coarse sea salt however, it is really hard to make sure it has been blended to a powder when in the mixture so I advise either use a pestle and mortar or just fine salt].

Fun bit. Photos.
I’m afraid the photos leave a little to be desired but priority was on making edible and tasty caramel so I only have photos post ‘operation caramel yum’.

Here it is fresh out of the pan:


It was so hard not to eat it as I broke it into pieces ready to blend into a powder!


Chocolate time…


And taadaa… ☆…



Well do let me know if you make some too.

naomi ♡

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